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I have been trying to get some idevice accessories but i keep on getting the message "this item cannot be shipped to your address". My address is a Zimbabwean one.

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Amazon don't ship to zimbabwe full stop last i checked likely due to

a) sanctions placed upon zim by USA etc (is that still happening?)
the US is much stricter on companies doing business within countries under economic sanctions which makes it more difficult for companies like amazon to trade there.

b) customs process is unnecessarily problematic and inconsistent with regards to duties and processing times for foreign imports
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Ahhh that's why... So I only get to buy the ebooks only...
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thats right, digital downloads dont seem to have the same restrictions, for example i kept my UK itunes account and i can still purchase music via itunes, same with my amazon account for ebooks
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Anthony you are wrong on this one, i have purchased numerous items from amazon.  What does happen however is your package is dropped at the post office on diepe road and you collect and pay any fees there.  The combination I use is Stanchart Visa card and home address works like a charm each time.
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I'm going on every time i have attempted using my Zim address for items - I get the this item is not available for delivery to your country error... so it obviously depends on what you are ordering
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