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I'm not talking about those of you that just downloaded it and used it a bit when it was still in beta. Want to get the opinion of those that have actually used it as their primary machine at work or home?

I love Windows 7 ofcourse and wondering if I should bother going up to Win 8. What are the noticeable benefits for a Zim user like me. Does all your old software install and run normally? Old devices connecting ok? printers, mobile phones etc..

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I installed windows 8 Pro sometime last year, around November I think and so far so good. I love the start menu, so much nicer though I am of the opinion that it appeals mostly to those people with touch devices. That said, my machine is an HP Probook 4535s (not a spectacular machine of course!) but it is operating smoothly and the Windows Experience Index rating has significantly increased ever since I installed windows 8.

The apps are a plus especially the inbuilt music, mail, videos and photos apps! you can also download new apps from the microsoft store.  Win8 also has faster startup it's actually noticable! SkyDrive integration is also another plus and its the new "in-thing" saving your documents on the cloud. Best of all, you dont need to worry about an antivirus, its got one inbuilt into its core and its actually good, its updates are very small

One main problem though is the way win8 has gone the extra mile to hide small but daily used things like the shut down button... Up until now, the folks at home don't know where it is and I usually have to shut down the machine myself...

All my external devices (printer, scanner, tablet, phone etc) are still working as before, I did an upgrade so no programs were removed and they continued operating as before.

Is it worth the upgrade? Well, it depends if you just wanna keep up with the times then go ahead it will offer a refreshed interface and notable speed improvement especially file transfer using usd, or discs. However, windows 7 is OK if you are not concerned about trends... functionality is basically the same (except maybe for the start menu!).

Hey don't just take it from me, here is a post from techradar that you can read to get more info http://www.techradar.com/news/software/operating-systems/windows-8-vs-windows-7-8-ways-its-different-1025285
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Thank you, can i also have acopy?
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sure u can...
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Seeing most pros and cons have been highlighted, I'm only going to add one more point. Taking into consideration a productivity environment, if you intend to upgrade your office to 2013, I found that it worked best on win8
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very true, I have office 2013 pro on my win8 machine. Only two words "seamless integration".
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lm not a admirer of Windows but one thing l have to give them thumps up and thumps down at the same time is the introduction of secure booting. This is going to out a lot of ransomware and root kit guys out of business. l think this is a big  leap in infor security.

But for Linux lovers like me, at present, its a war, next to impossible to dual boot Windows 8 with Linux. Secure booting is a bios hardware feature which looks for approved software to boot, including the OS, and you guessed it right! Approved by Microsoft.
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I havent used it as such, but obviously there are issues that come with new OSs
1) New demands on CPU and Memory that might slow down yo machine
2) Certain software will not install, and drivers for certain printers will obviously take long to come by
3) a lot of bugs to be corrected with later versions
4) a lot of viruses are already being made for the new OS

That does not mean we have to scare from using it, and I am still in love with mmy Windows 7!
If you aint a tech person i advice not to try it this early, espec=ially if yo machine's specs are a bit low
I've installed the Pro edition of this great OS from Microsoft since September 2012.  up to now I haven't encountered any issues.  I didn't upgrade but I made a fresh installation.  I don't have a powerful machine, but a mere Lenovo G530 2.0 Core Duo with 3GB RAM.  The installation time is superb.  Way faster than Win 7.
The boot up time is also excellent.  On my old Lenovo it takes just under 20 seconds to boot up.  It's super fast.

I also like the UI.  It's sleek and thin unlike the Win Metro UI in Win 7 which makes it heavy on the computer.

Programs are nicely arranged for easy access.  For those who are talking about the shutdown button I guess it will annoy those who want to shut down the machine quite regularly...for me I rarely shut mine down.  in case it bothers you, you can configure your power button to force your machine to shut down.

In conclusion I think this is one of the most polished OS from MS.  I'm still to decide on the best OS from MS between Win 8 and Win 2000.  What I know of though is Win 2000 had a great impact.
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Wait a bit. Depending on the comp/laptop you are using you might not have compatible drivers. A lot of people have installed win 8 to find a lot of problems driver wise. Give it 6 months or so.
The real question will be what are you going to gain? Boot up time????
Which actualy you wont. Win 8 by default doesnt shut down your machine ..it puts it to sort of sleep. If you shut it down properly then you wont gain anything.
So again what will you gain? For sure you will have compatibility issues.
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