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We considering migrating some of our business applications to a Zim based cloud provider.  Specifically, our Exchange and our Accounting system of about 9 users. The accounting package is optimized web cloud availability already. Our office internet is via fibre which has been quite stable. other access will be via dongles; Africom and Econet.

Does anyone have any experience with local cloud providers? What's service quality and availability of their servers, technical support etc.. Would want to install our own applications (maybe even the OS as well?)

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Realtime seems to be the most active Zimbabwean Data Center provider that I've come across.  I've had the experience of running an accounting package in their cloud and the only down time I remember was due to our ISP. The one most important attribute of Realtime's offering is their redundancy by way of presence in three countries. This ensures some degree of data recovery if anything happens to one of the data centers.
Do check more of their details here:
My own advice is that you choose a not so critical service that you can migrate for purposes of testing while you decide.
I doubt Realtime's capability so  much - they cannot be trusted.My organization has been a victim of their high level of unprofessional-ism. We made an upfront payment of $800 to them to fix our printer, they could not fix the printer and neither could pay us back. As if this enough, the printer came back with missing items including the the Ethernet card.Despite numerous communication with the Management and the Directorate, they could not simply replace the card which was stolen by their employee(s). If they are not honest enough with printers and jetcards, what more of cloud service
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im not to sure about their service standards but utande has cloud services.
currently hosting sage ERP and SAP B1 .

havent heard of anyone using it though.
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