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Hi.No econet doesnt support fast dormancy. If ur using gal s3 there is a nice app on d market to unable/disable it , its called s3 fast dormancy toggle switch. There r other apps for other phones as well. You are better off to disable it if yr network doesnt support it.
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thank you so much,..i'll go ahead and disable it!
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The link that you have provided details how to test your network at 5m50s by way of using an installed app. It's unfortunate I do not have a compatible handset but maybe other have tested as well. What results did you get?
i have a HTC One X, the app is not compatible as well, i have the code to access the Service Mode but they say its dangerous and m not willing to take the risk. I only have a script to turn Fast Dormancy on and off . Anyone with a compatible handset would you kindly help out??
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