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Normally you don't need any codes for SABC. Before you try anything just verify that your dish is properly aligned, your decoder might say "Scrambled Channel" when your dish is misaligned.

Make sure you have selected the correct LNB type in the LNB Settings, if you are using a KU Universal LNB check if the frequency range is (9750MHz-10600MHz) or (9750MHz-10700MHz) and select the correct setting on your decoder.

Try a "Blind Search" it sometimes works.

I have never tried this but someone said you can press the Menu button then quickly press 3030 on your remote control to unscramble SABC's.

Lastly, if all fails you can perform a "Software Transfer" from another decoder that has working SABC's or from your PC.
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1. Do a Blind scan on your decorder
2. Press Menu then 3- 0-3-0 on you remote to unscramble sabc channels.
3. Scroll through the channels list to locate the sabc channels that have been unscrambled.
Nb : After doing a blind scan there will be like three sets of sabc  channels but only one of these will be unlocked by this method. It is therefore important for you  that you scroll thru the channel list to locate them.  The first step is equally important dont skip it unless you have already done a blind scan on your decorder.
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menu then 2580 then go to nagra then sabc then put the key code contact drcoolshady@gmail.com
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