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in Computer Hardware by Guru (30.2k points)
I have a Netgear "N150 Classic Wireless Router" that no longer broadcasts a wifi signal. I am looking for someone/organisation that can repair it. I have already tried resetting several times but its not responding.

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2 Answers

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by Guru (57.6k points)
daft related question

is broadcast SSID enabled and wifi enabled within the router

i'm assuming you can get into the router management pages ok

what is it showing for the status of the wlan?

if you can access the router page and wlan is configured correctly, first rule out that its not the laptop refusing to pick up the signal by using another wireless device

if that doesnt work then i suspect the wireless chip will have fried or the signal is not strong enough anymore (possible if the antenna is damaged)

if its the wifi chip then sorry not a lot you can do about it here, would be quicker, and more reliable to get a new router, in most cases the better spec will also be good too
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if it's a broken power supply unit or capacitor you can approach any elecronics shop they should be able to assist you. as a best practice devices such as lan/wan/routers & switches, if it's broken purchase a new one to avoid un resolved weird errors.
by Guru (30.2k points)
Its definately not a power issue, because the power signal is showing but the wifi signal is not broadcasting
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