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How did you conclude it's a Joomla website? Far as I can tell, it could be any CMS, maybe even a custom one.


all didn't return Joomla
Hi, thank you for the response. I just thought its joomla which is incorrect from our analysis. Can you please assist with the name of the CMS used and if this is a standard template I can buy like one can do with joomla/wordpress themes. I need to set up a site similar to this one, thank you.
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so you want to copy someone elses design and hard work? - last i heard about something like that happening that it ended up with a very expensive court case for the copying party - read Apple vs Samsung
I do not intend to copy and paste their website. I thought wordpress/joomla themes/templates can be bought by anyone and one is protected from issues you have raised of lawsuits. I only need the template they used so that I can customise for my business, thank you.
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great glad to hear it - i've seen too many requests in my time to make a site look like y when they are directly competing with each other and it just asks for trouble, sorry for the cynicism
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If you want something that looks great, get your hands dirty and start to learn some serious coding. Most great websites ar made from custom code.

Web browser like chrome allows you to view the code and even copy to a text editor of your choice, but if you dont know what you ar looking at and what to change then its not good. These themes might end up putting your site on limit which will require you to customise
A glass of beer, thats good news! Please email me on allen@maci.co.zw and we can discuss this 'small' project, thanks.
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I see a galaxy of stars and letters appear upside down when l look at codes, so l wont be much of use to this small project
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simply right click and view page source u wl b able 2 c the cms used...if its nt any cms u cn jus buy me a glas o beer and i wl design a joomla version of it
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It's a custom solution made by these guys (http://lcsoftware.co.za/). Honestly, it's a very simple design (huge header, thick menu bar) which isn't difficult to emulate. If it's the sliding gallery that caught your eye, it's called jQuery Ad Gallery(http://coffeescripter.com/code/ad-gallery/), they created 'outline' thumbnails for the pictures.

All the information above gathered from View-Source & some Googling. Do yourself a favour and either a)Get someone to design something you want, if you have specific needs OR  b) browse theme sites for something you like.
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Hey dude! You have shown the domain name of your website but haven’t described which type of website you are going to launch like business, real estate, ecommerce etc. Well whatever you have, simply visit siteground.com where you will find bunches of Joomla templates and can purchase it in few dollars.
But if you don’t want to download paid themes then I must suggest you to grab http://nulledirectory.com/category/joomla-templates/ which has a huge collection of Joomla themes of different categories that you can download within few clicks.
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