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What torrents sides are you using?

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The best torrents site is kickass torrents. It's the best in terms of ebooks, PDFs and their related content
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true kat is good fo sho
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Here are some sites (non torrent) that can provide you with the books/journals/online tutorials:


I use some of these for my research... I am not sure which ones are illegal but I can guarantee that these do not link to torrent sites.
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Thanks my man. This is indeed super helpful.
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while not condoning piracy. thepiratebay is probably next best from my previous experiences - only issue is watch out for viruses

For the record i've flagged this as it could get the site in to a sticky spot if media corporations came looking and saw open questions and answers about where to pirate there stuff
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Thank you, i understand people abuse the torrents sites and upload copyrighted stuff, but that is not the use of the sites (at least initially)
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l dont see anything wrong  discussing about torrents, its the use which l think will put sites in the grey area.
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1. kissAss torrents
2. kickAss torrents
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Demonoid is on its way back, its servers ar now being active in Hong Kong and its a matter of time before they bcome fully activated.
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I use kickass.to and thepiratebay.se which are just sufficient for all my needs.

Try also using zbigz.com to convert your torrents into direct downloads if you're having trouble downloading torrents.
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