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Whenever you want to replace a phone battery you always find yourself being hoodwinked into buying fake Nokia batteries and the salesmen always tell you how to differentiate originality through the Nokia Logo Sticker, but the battery always winds up being a fake, loosing all power after 30 mins of use after a full charge.

It would be appreciated if anyone could suggest where Genuine nokia accessories can be purchased, in particular batteries and a rough price estimate  [as a cherry on top! ]

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3 Answers

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You could try Econet Shops, they have genine battaeries, but obviously for a PRICe, the cheapest will be around usd15!!! but you are guaranteed of original things
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Nokia Specialists Comm Shop, 120 Mutare Road Msasa, Harare (Tel: 04 480000)

No idea of prices, call them for a quotation.
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am also in same predicament. Where can you purchase Genuine Nokia Batteries in Bulawayo?
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GoldTech in G.Silundika. between Angwa and first street
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