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I'm considering purchasing an iPhone, but from what I've heard from other iPhone users, it is almost impossible to finance data usage on that phone with credit (airtime). Most people (who admittedly can afford it) go forth to install wi-fi in their homes, and use that to access all the data they need on their smartphones. What I am curious to find out is if it will be practical to hook up a Powertell line/modem to a router and use that as a wi-fi substitute. Considering Powertell is infamous for slow speeds, even though on the other hand it is one of the very few Mobile internet service providers that offers an unlimited data package, would this really be a hindrance on things like updating apps and keeping the phone in-sync with iCloud?

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Personally I'd stay away from powertel to avoid throwing your iPhone into a brick wall when you get freustrated because you can't even open a basic webpage.

I suggest getting a 3G router/line and get telecel. Spend an initial $20 to get 400mb and that should cover installing all your apps etc and then maybe $10 a week on 160mb bundles. So in other words you can spend about $45 a month to purchase a gig of data which is $5 less than powertel and you'll get internet you can actually use on your phone. Note if you connect other devices to the wifi such as your PC that gig won't get you far at all.

If you try use iCloud with Powertel, your internet will virtually be unusable as powertel has this problem whereby uploading (such as syncing pics with the cloud) actually disrupts normal browsing. And not to mention their upload speeds are just pathetic. It took me 15minutes to upload 1Mb! -_-

Hope this helps!

P.s. Check this page out for the Telecel data tarrifs. They seem pretty affordable if you can afford an iphone..lol: http://www.telecel.co.zw/index-2.html#mobile_internet_services
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All what you are asking is possible, but it is the technical side of things which tend to be not clear and powertel doesnt seem to offer help either.

Generally, you need to have those portable routers which takes dongles and are cmda capable. And you also need to have a basic understanding of networking and security

l had one small portable one which was able to give me four hours of internet surfing bfore recharge on the move. But there is nothing you can do with the slow speed tho!
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