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Does having your business online give ROI in Zimbabwe? Any case studies of companies fully utilising the Internet and reaping the rewards? What channels are the best to use?

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I would say in this "new" internet based, globalised village, having a website is the first thing any company should put on their marketing to-do list.

A greater percentage of the new generation will first google something before they start making calls or physically go shopping. Think of it this way, if u want to buy a car right now, the first thing is go online and google.
So if your bizness is not online, then you are missing all that potential market. And the terrible thing is you will never realise how much you are losing in potential clients. here are some examples of business that will do very well if they have proper online presence (this includes search Engine Optimisation)

- wedding venues
- boutiques
- car sales
- car spares and accessories
- loans
- insurance
- medical aid
- doctors and other medical professions.
- artists
- Internet and computer services

The list is long. So in summary a website is a MUST.
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the best answer i can give you is "it depends"

for some sectors, having a website will serve no more than as a basic brochure giving information so probably wont have much impact on ROI

tourism sites where reaching an international audience is important would have a good effect as people google for information and as long as its easily and readily available it will work well

e-commerce - to be honest in my opinion things are still finding there way and v-payments and eco cash are great platforms more still needs to be done to be able to reach the masses in a way that has little technical overhead for the site owner and also little extra work for the average zimbabwean - get things right and get the masses and boom thats where the money will be!

ask the question in a year or so and my anwser will likely change
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