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I have google apps for business and need a web hosting facility. Does google offer this service where I design my own website and they host it and I can pay monthly and affordably like with Googe Apps.
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Why not use Google App Engine? That's what I'm currently using. You can install a Java or Python-based CMS to serve your website and you're golden https://appengine.google.com/

I have a (.co.zw) Django web application deployed on GAE, it's not exactly a regular website, but configuring a CMS shouldn't be hard. I'm sure if you do a Google search for "App Engine CMS" you'll get tons of links
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they used to do basic hosting via google sites (however i think this is being retired now) and it was managed through the google apps interface

they are otherwise only able to do email hosting at this time (google apps)
u may  only get free email hosting with  google if u need more disk  sopace they  will charge  you minimum is 100gigs of space. For domain hosting not  with  google  try request  a quote  for  web hosting  from  victor@usauba.co.zw
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I know blogger hosting if free and it comes from Google. So if you want to try Google hosting, you may try blogger.
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I don't know if Google provide any Web hosting service but they provide hosting for blogs through Blogger . If you want to host your website you can try http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_hosting/ . They provide Linux based hosting solutions for cheap price .Their service and support is also excellent. They provide SiteStudio - a free website building software using which you can design your website easily . No technical knowledge or special skills are required to use the SiteStudio .
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We offer very affordable web hosting starting from $4/month for 1GB of space and unlimited bandwidth. Please email support@mega24.co.za or visit our website www.mega24.co.za
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http://www.webdev.co.zw sells google apps for business and web hosting.
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