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Get yourself to a tech shop and ask for a wireless access point or wireless router( there is some difference between the two but the router part is not so necessary since the telone modem will do that for you). Most shops with an in house technician can configure the gadget for you if you tell them that you need to connect it to a Telone modem. All you will then need to do is go power it up, connect the usually yellow cable from modem into the corresponding blue socket at the back of the router then you are done installing. Important info to get or give the technicians that configure your new wireless router is the security key and wireless network name(SSID) of your choice. These are all the details you will need to then connect you laptop, smartphone etc. Good luck buddy.
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I have a Huawei 530G modem already do I still need to gt a wireless router?
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No you don't need  another router.. That one will do just fine. I believe it is the model supplied by Telone and if so, it should have been configured for you by Telone technicians. Either call them or if you don't mind getting your hands dirty check this manual from page 11:

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