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I'm looking to get into the cellphone business. I have a budget of about $10 000 to start with. Where do I order? SA seems to have a lot of red tape. I've been thinking Dubai also, but where are all of Zim's phone coming from? I'm looking for the mainstream brands, not the cheap Chinese.

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Main streams brands come with high price tag. Lets take an example of samsum galaxy note 2. In European markets its selling at a minimum of $650 cheapest. Samsung and most phone manufacturers sell directly to big telcos with very deep pockets.

That leaves you with buying from third parties who put a markup price, then you have to cover all the shipping cost and put a price which brings profit.

Looking from the angle of costs, lm tempted to say you cannt buy enough handsets. Now you have to factor in the average salary people get in Zim, are you going to sell enough to cover your cost of living and rental.

You need to do a proper feasibility study before you jump into buying.
China gives u wat u can afford! Even samsung has a plants in china, china manufactures those big shots fones and ships them to all ova the world, even dubai gets their stuff from china! Those fones u see branded "made in U.S.A" they actualy mad in china and branded in the u.s.a ! Its not that china only sells their fake brands only! China is the biggest factroy of anything u juss have to noe we're to go'  juss lyk I said u get wat u afford!
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Macdonald is right... What you may be referring to is contract manufacturing that is done in china on behalf of American and other companies... but rest assured you will never find a proper brand new SIII below $300 made on a chinese parallel market. all you get is look alikes which don't even come close to the real thing. When people say China makes something for every budget it is true but they wont make a real SIII with two prices. Try to attend a China source fair like the one which was in SA last December or visit China and speak to manufactures direct. They usually have fairs running most of the year and you get to see a lot of these manufacturers in one place.
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Dubai would be a good starting point, but i also think it depends on your target market, if you want the high-flying guys you might want to make connections with long lost friends in countries like USA etc that have genuine and trusted fones, if you are to target the Smadl and the middle market, think China!
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Cheap chinese phones are coming from Dubai, one supplier I have heard is a company called Creative Time. They do the mass market stuff. For example a Samsung Galaxy 7" Tab 2 is USD 240.
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Your best starting point to order ANYTHING is http://www.alibaba.com/

I have used them before to order Solar Panels and they are awesome!
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just how credible is alibaba.com ? i wouldnt want to lose money online.
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