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i have very good Telone ADSL at home (basic) and Telone ADSL (platinum) at work. But i have an Android phone and want internet on it. I have used Econet and Telecel, but was not very happy. Before i complete the cycle at Netone, who would tell me which telco would be best?

I have read this link:"http://answers.techzim.co.zw/index.php/3744/who-is-the-best-service-provider" but it does not answer me adequately.

Any suggestions?

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Or l can suggest you setup wifi both at home and at work then connect yo mobile to it. That way you will use 3g internet only when you are not at home or work.
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@macdonald.chipunza thanks for your suggestion. my question was:which telco best to use when NOT at work NOR at home?
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I usually find telecel to be better than econet when it comes to mobile broadband. I have both lines, the telecel is a nokia while the econet line(which is my primary number) is in my samsung android. For whatsapp viber and facebook messenger i use the econet. But when i want to surf seriously especially when using the phone as a hot spot with a laptop, overall Telecel is better
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Currently none is better than the other but Econet has the best promise as they have the biggest network with much more end to end control via their liquid cable. Because Telecel is relatively new on the broadband scene, their performance is better since their network is less congested but they have a much smaller 3G coverage than econet. Netone is similar to Telecel but with an even smaller coverage. So if I were you, I'd simply use whatever works for that time as it no longer cost a fortune to acquire a sim card and I get to keep my original number. Notice how it is rare to get HSDPA speeds on other networks unlike Econet. Please note I'm in Bulawayo and I understand network availability/congestion may be different in Harare.
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I would say Telecel - their 3G coverage can't match Econet, but their connection is a bit more consistent. Plus, if you have a lot of people who use Telecel, remember that they do still offer that bonus. So if you buy $1 airtime, you get $1 bonus for calling Telecel to Telecel. Which mean if you buy $1 and turn it into data, there still $1 to call your Telecel contacts; so that's basically FREE INTERNET - providing you know a lot of Telecel subscribers of course.

So the best? In my book, its the one which is FREE!
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