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Use EcoCash to buy NetOne & Telecel airtime online. Tap here

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The subscribers should have their INTERNET APN defined in their respective HLR profiles. This has already been done for the Test Group.
Handset Site ( Nokia type and other related handsets with same software)
You need to set your Access Point Name (APN) first.
1. Go to Menu and Select Settings
2. Click on Connectivity and Select Destinations
3. Select Access Point
4. If it prompts Automatically check fo available access points Select No
5. It will prompt Select access point with two options - Wireless LAN and Packet Data, Select Packet Data
6. Select Packet Data Access Point Name an
7. Enter internet.netone
8. A prompt select destination will appear with 3 options, Internet, Multimedia msg and WAP services  Select Internet,
It will indicate new internet point added
9. Click on Internet and select internet.netone
10. Scroll Down to Access point name and ensure it indicates internet.netone in small caps.
Your handset will now be set for internet services
Since Internet is delivered over the 3G network, so the Phone settings should be in UMTS
1. Go to Menu
2. Select Settings
3. Select Connectivity
4. Select Network
5. Click Network Mode and Select UMTS
Your phone will now be in 3G and an icon written 3G should appear on your screen
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i think if u are having a hard time installing yo netone setting l think u shuld visit the nearest netone station for settings
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If yu are on econet the apn is econet.net
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