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Network gurus..pleae help...how do i go about it when i want to share an internet ethernet connection that has proxy in such a manner that the hotspot i create wont make the devices i will be connecting connect thru the proxy?

thing is we have good ad fast internet at my varsity but it has proxy,....and now using connectify and having  rooted my fone and installing proxydroid....most of my apps can now access the interet via proxy however some essential apps like whatsapp, viber and skype cant access the net thru the proxy..

u knw hw android chews on data...yet i have free and good wifi around...please help...

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if your sharing the connection that requires the proxy

your devices that connect via your computers shared connection will connect like they were the computer, that means if your computer is configured to use a proxy, they will also use the proxy

whatsapp should work via proxy though, i use a proxy here at home as it helps me save some bandwidth by caching static resources between machines and i use whats app fine, whatsapp to my knowledge only uses ports 80 and 443, which are standard ports its likely some other reason that whatsapp doesnt work (and there could be any number of reasons for that - including varsity perhaps blocking the service)

your varsity put proxy in place for a reason (likely the same reason i did!)
they also probably have some policies in place that "require" all internet traffic to go through the proxy and likely have all non proxy based internet access blocked so trying to bypass the proxy is likely both against your varsity network usage policy and also fruitless because it probably wont work anyway

i would ask your varsity IT/network technicians for support, they are better placed to assist and likely if required would be able to apply any required workarounds at the network level, that is if they are willing
they may also be able to explain why such services are not working for you
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