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i cant seem to be able to download whatsapp on my nokia lumia 610 running windows 8, when i go to the app website im redirected to market place which im later told its not available in my region, i got zune on pc but i still cant use that pc app to install any apps

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Finally managed to figure this one out myself after some hours glued on my pc, th fon and the internet and voila!! ts working like charm
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How did you get it to work on your 610? I'm having the issue
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what i dd is pretty simple, Since the major issue is about the region but u can have guys from U.S.A currently in Zimbabwe accessing marketplace for as long as they don change their account details. here is how i went about my situation:

1)  I created my windows live account and set my country as U.S.A,  state Louisiana,  city Albany,  zip code 70711.

2) On my phone,  under settings> region+ language,  i set that to utc +0 which is the time zone for albany but i still left my location services on and time auto update so i could still get correct time.

3) The next step is to add yo windows live i. d. which is a primary requirement if you are to ever access marketplace and other windows services. Normally you go to settings>emails and accounts then you add your account,  i have included another way to add your live account in my other blog post incase this one fails.

With all this done, nomatter where you stay,  marketplace restrictions or any regional conflicts,  marketplace is all yours to conquer.

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hi! i did exactly as you mentioned above...but still i can't download whatsapp...please help
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thank youu very much it worked finally after spending the whole fucking night trying..we need more people like you in this world again thank you
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also followed every step and it still 'this application is not available for your device'.. any other suggestions?
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i also cant download, ((((
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was abt 2 hand u sme tips bt uve got it already.happy whatsapping dnt burn tht battery tho lol
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m also facing the same ... tried a lot but not able to solve... can anyone help on this
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