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There is no 3G support in my mobile .is it possible to get 3G features in my Micromax smarty A25

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You best effort is to try the google play store and find out what you can install, it have a fast processor bt lack of 3g might slow your internet hugely. Lack of gps means you will not be able to use most location based apps.

And let me runt a little bit here, why did you buy a cheap phone and now expecting to perform magic thru installing apps?

 Its limitations are hardware and there is no software or app which can solve that
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3g and 2g r not software discrepencies they are hardware differences.so 2 answer ur question u myt get a lil boost by software arguably bt a 2g phne cn nt go beyond its hardware limitations its lyk tryna change a mazda 323 into a mercedes benz uve got 2 change everythyn lol.u need 3g then get a 3g capable phne.
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In other words what you are saying:

Is there any software to access V12 performance on a4 cylinder engine

There is no 12 cylinder support on my car. is it possible to get 12 cylinder features on my Datsun 120y

I also didn't know the difference at one point
sorry u have mistaken me! My car is Curbside Classic
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Data - GPRS Yes,
3G No - SORRY!
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