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Yes you can.. Ensure that you are using the Nokia Suite's 'Connect to the Internet' option to use your phone as a modem. The Nokia PC Suite is available for download at the following link:


In order to use your Nokia 5230 as a modem for your laptop, please refer to the following steps:

1. A compatible Windows - based laptop with a USB port.

2. A Nokia connectivity Cable CA-53.

3. Install Nokia Pc Suite software on you laptop and do not connect the USB connectivity cable before or during the Pc Suite installation.

5. When the Nokia Pc Suite installation is finished, Nokia Pc Suite will automatically launch the Get Connected Wizard. The on screen instruction will guide you to connect the USB connectivity cable to your laptop and to your Nokia device

6. The default connection setting will appear on your phone screen. Select Pc Suite.

7. NokiaSuite will install the cable drivers. This installation may take a few moments and you may be asked to accept the multiple driver installation.

8. Once your Nokia Pc Suite have been installed, you can connect to the internet using "One Touch Access"

9. Start Nokia Pc Suite on your laptop.

10. In the Pc Suite main menu, click on connect to the internet. This will open the "One Touch Access"

11. Click connect on the "One Touch Access" screen to establish internet connection.

12. When the "One Touch Access" appears on your laptop, make sure that the Nokia USB modem is selected under "Connection will be established using" and that a green G is displayed next to it. If Not you may refer to the following:

1. Click Setting

2. Select the Nokia USB setting for your Device from the menu

3. Click Next

4. Configure the connection manually. Set name to Telecel Internet or Econet Internet whichever is applicable and for apn set it to econet.net or internet depending on which operator u are on...

and voila.....click connect...and you are good...
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thanks a lot,that realy helpful
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YES you can... you will need to have installed the Nokia PC Suite software. Newer versions are also available with bluetooth, so what it means is: if your laptop is bluetooth enabled, simply activate the bluetooth and connect to the internet without the worry of cables...Anyhow, make sure you have the APN setted to econet.net or internet. ENJOY
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Yes u can & all u need is your phone pc suite
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