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asked by Expert (19.6k points)
does anyone know how econet charges for data when using airtime? i had a terrible experience this past weekend. a dollar airtime got me 4.61mb,

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as it is the out of bundle charge is 15c per MB, wrre by u were supposed to get about 6MB,. How did ii compute that data usage?
commented by Expert (19.6k points)
i used the default data counter on my phone,...which i had never used data 3G data on , the counters were on zero!
commented by Regular (3.3k points)
ok the most likely logical explanation to that is how Econet bills its data, in networking u have ur uplink and dwnlink hanty? meanin u goin to have inbound and outbound traffic, it most likely that Econet uses the TOTAL DATA billing model,Under this model data is calculated on the aggregate total of inbound and outbound data. which is not really fair from an end user's point of view
commented by Expert (19.6k points)
i've always used data without bundles, never really took time to analyze my usage/$ untill now,...its really unfair on us!....anyway thanx  Jay for the clarification!
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answered by Guru (26.2k points)
There are many payment and charge option on econet internet. there is prepaid and post paid.
check this link https://www.econet.co.zw/broadband/tariffs
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