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I had a telone adsl line installed yesterday and it works fine with my laptop directly connected to the telone supplied modem. I bought a dlink wireless router today so that i have wireless connectivity throughout the workshop, i thought it wold be plug and play but i cant get it to work.

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How many ports have you got at the back of your telone modem? Can we have the model of your dlink router.

Not to talk down dlink bt l think they are rubbish for our use in Zim. I had one connected to telone modem and one morning it decided  to refuse anything internet bt stil connecting wireless

Im still looking for the biggest slaggehammer to fix it!!!
Thanks for you help gents its much appreciated and your advice has been heeded the connectivity issues were to do with my ignorance -username / password issues - when the telone engineer istalled the modem he made no mention of the username and password I had to phone them and request it.Once those details were entered all was good. Thanks again !!
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If anyone ever tells you a wireless router is plug and play he/she is a fraud because it automatically means your network is not secure. You at list need to put in a security encryption key besides configuring your WAN port. There is usually a conflict of the default IP addresses so in most cases you also need to change these. Please tell us the exact model of your router and I'll give you more details.
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is your wireless router also an ADSL modem or just a standard ethernet wan wireless router

you have 2 options:
1st connect the telone modem to the routers wan port and reconfigure the wireless router to use a different lan IP and subnet for dhcp and the router itself - this can be complicated depending on your router setup

2nd - connect the telone modem to one of the other ports on the router, and disable DHCP on the wireless router, and configure it to access point/bridge mode, then the telone modem will handle everything else, usually simpler to achieve than option one

please do take note of Chris Mberi's notes about wifi encryption and make sure its setup for 2 reasons
1) it provides a layer of security for your wireless devices
2) it stops people stealing your internet
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