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Free is better

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Try Virtual Router - Wifi Hot Spot for Windows.
Free and open source
Try Maxidix Hotspot. http://www.maxidix.com/products/wifi-suite
It is easy-to-use.
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i use the connectify hotspot pro one and its  awesome...
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How do you unlock the software, mine isn't doing.....yu know the hacking and using unlicenced serials
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I use Connectify hotspot pro and pick it on mobile phone for me its not really awesome, its auuch-some. sometimes i can connect but with no internet. HELP!!
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if the reason for your looking for it is
- sharing 3G / 4G connection
- unlimited uptime
- sharing wifi over wifi
OR you're annoyed with the free version of connectify 7
- coz it annoys with the flash screens
- limited hotsport sharing
- slows down your computer,

here's where you can find a lite version of connectify which fixes all of these problems, lets you share 3G/4G connections etc.
check out - http://genobz.wordpress.com/2013/10/16/connectify-lite/

you will also find a number of good alternatives at the same web address.
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alternatively, you may also try http://bit.ly/1c7WmYv
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virtual router is the best! And works on all OSs!
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Ayy, Mate
Connectify Dispatch has been discontinued, now other than paying them a monthly fee of 19$ there is only one other option.iNETFUSION.....
 iNetFusion+ www.clusterlinks.com, A better alternative than Connectify Dispatch.
Combines any internets available on your computer. Enjoy
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have tried inetfusion. works better than connectify, no need for any configuration at all, combined my 3g and lan connection nice work, give it a try
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mHotspot, it's free and it works better than connectify.
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