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I have an account with econet here http://voip.econet.co.zw/

I hooked this up with NIMBUZZ. The guys at econet did it for me.  Now am not in zim but can do it on my own if i know what to put where. They give you an econet number which will be accessible from anywhere in the world.  So basically friends and relatives will be calling me in UK at local rates on my VOIP 0772 number.

I have PIN number, and the voip number

But for past month its not connecting at all. To those in the know what do i put in the fields below:


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Econet VOIP and Nimbuzz are similar services that do not share settings. What you need is a VOIP client (more often referred to as sip client) on your PC or smart phone. For PC I'd recommend x-lite which comes with a very functional free version. Once installed you are looking for 'accounts settings' where you will add your details to a new account as provided to you by econet. Username is usually your number.. domain and proxy is usually an ip address or FQD like sip.econet.co.zw. Most smart phones have a native sip client which you can setup similar to what I have described.
my problem is coming on domain

i tried   sip.econet.co.zw .  it didnt work, i then tried sip.econet.voip.co.zw

still didnt work
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Nimbuzz SIP (on mobile handsets)
    Click on Options
    Click  Settings
    Click SIP Providers
    Select Other
    Enter username i.e. your VoIP number @sip.com e.g. 0772020215@sip.com
    Enter password i.e. your VoIP pin e.g.  12345*1234#
    Enter domain  i.e. sip.econet.co.zw   or
    Save and Account is successfully activated
    Go under VoIP Provider settings
    Change VoIP Provider from Nimbuzz Out to SIP
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Can you get another soft phone like Xlite or eyebeam for your cellphone.

Is it Android ? iPhone ?

You dont have to be stuck with Nimbuzz  by the way as they are to separate services.

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