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I recently acquired a galaxy SIII and my friend green with envy went on to buy a galaxy note 2 from ximex dealers who trade in phones that have been stolen from South Africa. Now when i vetted the device...it still had some whatsapp messages, contacts photos etc from some Boer/Afrikaans guy...  now my question if that Boer guy i up to it..can he successfully track the phone from SA to Zim.... if it has a hidden tracker or if he had suscribed to samsung tracker blah blah....? what could be the worst that could happen to my friend...

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only if the networks in SA have signed aggreements with the networks in Zim, in short its unlikely that it can be tracked via the networks as i dont think such agreements are in place like there is in Europe for example


This doesn't rule out any installed tracking software the previous user may have activated!!!!!

while not condoning the purchase of stolen phones in the first place, the way around this is just doing a full hardware reset of the phone.

If samsung do device phone homes like Apple does with iPhone then its possible things could be tracked that way but again it requires firstly knowledge from the original user about such things, and for samsung to have relevant connections with Zim authorities to help direct such actions... another unlikely thing

To cut a long answer short - as long as you flash it back to factory default i would be surprised if you were tracked, at this moment in time - it will only be a matter of time before networks club together like they did in Europe for region wide blocking&tracking of stolen phones
Yes.  Samsung has the sim change application built into samsung just to mention a few.   I would definately not deal with stolen phones because they do get tracked unless he doesnt use data and GPS>
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Just out of curiosity, will the SIM change feature on Samsung still work if one resets the phone to factory settings? Or roots it?
Yes it will work on the factory reset.  I tested this on my S3, what I am not sure is about rooting it.  Remember the ID for your IMEI is what ties your phone to your Samsung Phone not the USIM/SIM.  

Further to this, if you go to Econet Msasa with a police report saying your phone was stolen even if it doesnt have GPS it can be recovered as the Econet centre has a way of tracking the change of simcards, so long you know when your phone was approximately taken (day) or the last number.  I have personally phones getting recovered as far as Norton that were stolen from friends, its just a matter of patience as you work with the authorities and checking with ewz periodically.
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Thanks bro. This is very helpful.
FYI, I was at Econet Msasa a couple of weeks ago with a police report (& the IMEI of course) asking them to track my stolen tablet. They said that they have discontinued the service until further notice
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i sold a galaxy ace to some phone dealers sometime a few weeks ago..i had rooted the fone and installed avast antitheft....which runs in stealth mode...then when i sold the fone i did a hard reset but i kept on getting sms from avast ..which went like  avast antitheft detected a sim change  then GPS coordinates, network carrier econet, IMEI IMSI area code and country... nw just to troll him i called the guy and threatened that if he didnt return my fone i would go to the police...he freaked out and returned it to the guys..who had sold him the fone...and up to now..its been 3 weeks and i havent received any texts from avast about my fone s location
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l can advise your friend not to meet a person who has jus called him and especially if he have a boer accent.

the is a lot of free software as well as commercial ones which when installed on the phone, they are invisible, even most resets wont be able to remove them.

If the phone is stolen, it can then send all the details like sim number which is being used in that phone and which country it is being currently used.
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Doesn't Samsung have any app similar to idevices 'find my iPhone' app which lets locate devices on PC as long as data is activated?
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It can be recovered, whether or not networks in SA have agreements with their  Zim counterparts. All it requires is internet access via wifi for example,and the reason why they are looking for the phone. If murder was involved or you stole Zuma's phone they will come and get you .
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