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My decorder has lost sabc channels,then somebody told me to tranfer firmware from  another decorder of the same family which is currently viewing sabc,is it possible & how can i go about it

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It is possible and I have done it successfully countless times.  First you need to check if your decoder has "Software Transfer" option or something similar and a serial port. Then you need a "null modem" cable, I don't know where you can buy one but I made mine from two old serial port module connectors. Pin number 2,3,7, 8 are straight through and pin number 4 and 6 are crossed (Google for reference).
Connect the two decoders together using the cable, switch them ON and use the good decoder to "transfer software" to the bad decoder.
Obviously, the good decoder must also be connected to your TV so you can see what you are doing!
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no its generally not doable without specialised equipment can dump the firmware from a working decoder of the same make and model (and version number) and reflash to the "broken" decoder

it likely can be done, but you will likely need specialised cables/tools to do it and very likely could brick the decoders
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dont think thats possible coz firmware z software that z embedded into a device by the manufacturer & it cant be altered, copied or transfered to another device.
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You don't need to load firmware, you only need to enter the Nagravision decryption keys for SABC (16 hexadecimal digits). You can copy the keys from the other decoder. If you have a WizTec of Philibao, it most probably can discover the keys automatically if you do a 'rescan'
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