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Has anyone ever successfully implemented Windows Deployment Services (WDS) and if so, was it a better deal than installing individually, considering that u have to set-up the network first?. Is WDS feasible for deploying 20 Machines?. Are there any better and easy alternatives to WDS?

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I've not tried this with multiple machines myself but i did try the following so i wasn't reliant on having a windows server machine running but from linux or windows xp



once you get above more than a few machines, deployment tools are many times more than worth the initial investment of time in getting network setup correctly!

i used to manage a fleet of 60 macs and 15 windows machines, deployment tools saved 2-3 hours per machine on the mac side and 4-5 hours per machine on the windows side!
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ok, i went ahead with the WDS, i can now boot my machines using PXE, but i've encountered a driver problem,..Windows 7 does not have the driver for the network card of the machine's i'm try to install..
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then you need to get the driver from manufacturer of the NIC and slipstream it into the install media, something like this might help:

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followed your links and a billion other links from google, and they all lead me to one place :-(....."WAIK" i.e Windows Auntomated Installation Kit....its a pre-requisite for ediditing the *wim images,...the sad part is that its file size is 1.66GB, which is a pipe-dream with my connection during the day,..i'll  have to download overnight n conitnue tomorrow...
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Tried installing on 4 older machines at the same time, and i must say,..its way more efficient, and actually faster than using CDs... :-)
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