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I think it would be safe to assume that the tech situation for e-voting is that it doesnt exist that we know of

the big hurdles i see are:
1) technical literacy of the overall population - it sounds basic but could most of the population successfully and correctly operate an e-voting system to cast there vote?
2) how do we verify that people that are alive are voting and only voting once and that they have the right to vote
3) how do we protect from tampering with the data and "rigging" the election that was so widely reported at previous elections
4) how do we ensure the reliability (eg power outages) of the system

before we even get onto the specific costs thats a lot to think about

the costs is a difficult thing to predict as its totally dependant on the solution and how its deployed. its not just the technology cost to factor in, its training of election workers, employment of staff to setup/install and take it down at the end, fuel costs, Zesa costs, Internet costs (assuming thats how they link the system together) etc etc

you also have to factor in what happens to the existing system

its something that would likely cost a few hundred thousand dollars if not a million or 2 to do securely and reliably but this figure is purely a guess - it could cost more or less and depends on so many factors
I understand Kenya had some  e- system  going in their recent elections,which faced some serious challenges and was abandoned at some point.Anybody with information about this Kenyan  electronic experience?
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Simply put, we do not have the network infrastructure to support such a taking. It requires a lot of real time live data being streamed without fail and coordination.

These are things you dont find in our IT and gvt structures.
It cost a lot now but it's something that has to be done. If not now maybe later but we really have to start planning for it.
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e cost will be huge jst think of e campaigns they require money and also those who will be in voting stations would be paid
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