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If you just want whatsapp, here is the link to the APK file:


 Don't worry, the link is legit and safe, I used it myself. Just click it in your browser and it should download, then install it and HAPPY DAYS!!!  They had put it on the website before putting it in the playstore. Its the same version as whats on the playstore right now.

 I got the link from here:


 Via this page:


 So you can visit those two to verify or if you have any issue. ENJOY!
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thats because whatsapp requires a cell number to operate - you wont be able to do this via the playstore

doesn't whatsapp have a version for android outside the play store?

only way that i know of getting apps like this onto your device would be to root/jailbreak your device to change what it reports itself to the playstore as
asked Mar 14, 2013 by anonymous
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How do I root/jailbreak an android?
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l dont think you need to root you android device to install third party applications,all you need to do is install Astro File Manager which you can easily get from the PlayStore and then download a .apk file for whatsapp which you can easily download on the internet and then it will be easy to install on your android device .
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