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I've just switched my backup connection to Umax as i get more reliable faster speeds and my umax data works at most of my favourite coffee shops too

I still have the old 3Metre Pole and Zol Wimax External CPE

do you know if Zol will buy them back at a discounted rate or not?

does anyone know of people that buy them - or should i just stick it on classifieds and see what happens?

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Im guessing here but l dont think they do that, and even from other places l hav never heard such arrangement with SPs. The nearest l hav was SP asking back there routers or modems because you had terminated a contract with them and they initially gave you everything free of charge.
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Thats how it worked in the UK - the modem was free and if you didnt send it back at the end of the contract they charged you a fee for it

Spoke to zol, they dont care, once its sold they dont really care unless your a paying customer
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You'll probably be able to sell it to them or another IAP/ISP at a small loss. if they won't have it back try the IAP they were using for your connection, and if that IAP won't take it, try their competition... CPEs used to be very sellable, not sure about now though
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yeah i'm not totally fussed about making a profit anyway so a small loss is no issue to me, just want it off my hands
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CPEs are frequency specific so you need to go to ZOLs IAP in this case, Africom. I doubt very much ZOL/Econet may still have any interest in these anymore as I myself have tried to get rid of one via Africom who said they are no longer looking at expanding that network hence not interested.
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ask them? I bet thats a better way to get information.
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