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SAMSUNG galaxy S4 as good as new $450 call 0774545541, that is if you want a second hand

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Will be released in April and then you may look for it on Ebay and related i you are in a hurry to get it unboxed.
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depending on the cost i may be able to source 1 or 2 from the UK to arrive by June, feel free to pm me
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Are you serious with yourself or what? If you follow events and read news properly you will notice that Samsung haven't even manufactured one s4 handset, jus the showcase ones!

My answer is how do you buy a phone in Harare which is not yet made?
Pamwe ukaenda kumagaba unoiwana neprice yaunoda.
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rofl!!!! ohh man
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The Chinese mafia is working on it. A replica will be in store Monday
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Lol, maybe its out already  heading towards Africa in the pirates ships!!
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lol macd isnt that overly harsh...perhaps the asker is a newbie.not yet acquainted with how the whole thing works...?
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you got a point there! l didnt look it from that angle.
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the S4 just got announced just hours ago....its gonna be weeks before they release to the market.....
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$2000 for a pre order from me. Will be out in a couple months.
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How do yu expect to buy a phone that was launched a few hours ago???? It was just announced a few hours ago!!! A few months myb!!!! Yu are veeerry funny!!!!! #laughing big time#
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I don't know the exact place where they selling the Samsung Galaxy S4 in Harare Zimbabwe.You can ask your friends or relatives get the details about the store and location.You can visit that Samsung store and get the detail about Samsung Galaxy S4 price.If the price is satisfied for you can buy it.You can buy an locked version,because unlocked samsung galaxy s4 costs very high than a locked phone.You cannot find a locked phone,buy it from online sites like ebay.com amazon.com etc..and unlock it using the unlock code from the site http://www.simpleunlocking.com/samsung-galaxy-s4/rs16wp9/
I bought my Samsung Galaxy S4 in locked condition and unlocked it using the unlock code in this site.
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