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in Mobile by Guru (27.3k points)
Have u noticed that if u use the nokia symbian fones..u can still do your whatsapp even if your balance is down to 0.000 if u are on econet...u can download all videos u want and stuff..

what are your views, anyone experienced the same?Telecel dont even try it..hahahah

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i have noticed this on e5, e63, e72, e75, dont knw about x2 and c3 has anyone else noticed this...its a very big advantage when you use two smartphones..for example i use Galaxy s3 as my main fone...and the e5 is a sidekick...so all the pics and videos that are sent on whatsapp i download for free....only prob is i cant open opera on the e5 when the balance is down to 0.00....

so word is this works free coz econet hasn't implemented a pricing system for its MMS, or something like that....so what whatsapp does is to connect via the MMS access point which is for free ryt now...
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Also noticed it on N8
by Guru (31.2k points)
You can do that also on blackberry as long as you have added econet mms access point
by Guru (27.3k points)
are u positive on this one bro....?
by Expert (10.1k points)
Are you sure man,I do have a blackberry, haven't noticed that yet
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