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What the most lucrative field of IT/ICTs in Zimbabwe? Like where is the big bugs..what pays...i am sure web designing aint one...lol

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Im biased towards Networking(cisco) although here in Zim they dont paying you enough for bus fare.
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hahahahaha........so how you surviving then..?
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I dont work for any of them, most of them are even not professional in there recruitment conduct, eg, to be considered for work at Econet or Kingdom, you have to be a member of church yaMasiiwa or Chanakira.

I find that very discriminatory as people of snuff(bute) like me will never get considered and since l wont go to church to get employed or to change my believes, it means l will never work for such companies. Hopefully one day we will have a functioning labour rules which will look into such naked disregard for labour laws where people should be employed on merit.

The very few which seems not religious always ask you to leave a CV, and we all know what will happen. If you dont know anybody in the company, forget about the job, they will toss your CV the moment you turn your back.

So lm now jus an observer!
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yea.....sad state of things...u know what they say, if you cant get employed, create employment yourself...
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I don't work for Econet which many here can confirm, but have been in the Telecoms industry for ever and can further confirm that many techs that work for Econet are my colleagues who were never chosen on religious lines. I do not go to church but respect Econet for upholding its principles which is not bad at all. Macd is you are skilled put your papers together because Econet will be recruiting for a long time to come...
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Opinion will obviously vary widely on this matter as this is the most dynamic and volatile industry the world over. It is the only industry where a company can be born today and list(Stock Exchange) in no time based on an idea then close shop before you know it. I do not believe you should be waiting to be shown direction by mere mortals but instead train yourself to read trends and use your intuition to predict where things are going then come up with the right answer yourself because as it is anyone's guess is as good as the next because we are seeing change everyday.
I can only give you pointers based on facts and here they are:
As more and companies connect to the internet security is the next
then demand for enterprise application
VPN (Cisco)
CRM (Programming)
ERP (Programming)
Ecommerce (Programming)

Obviously as you can see, there are more opportunities in programming than setting up networks which is usually a once off operation.

Think of Schools, Local Authorities, Mines, Farmers, Hotels and Lodges etc all need to update their ICTs right now just waiting for a conducive environment  

As for right now money is in connecting people as we are in the middle of a huge network revamp everywhere you look.
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whereas l agree with most of your views, l dont agree with this statement "....setting up networks which is usually a once off operation"

This is what most of our providers(read powertel) do, they setup the network and expect money to start rolling in thinking once it is setup, it just work. Very wrong.

Networking is a never ending circle of repeating have a look here to see what lm talking about:

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I will have to agree with you on this one. Most Networks in Zimbabwe are obsolete because of a break in that very cycle.... reminds me of Powertel, Telone. Thank you for sharing light.
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