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I just got read about the. Telecel promo offering 100% bonus on budles of $10 going up. I usually buy the $20 bundle which gives me 400MB BUT i split that into two months so i would get 200MB per month.

Just wondering how i can get the best value out of the new promotion. Is it better buying the $10 and get an extra 160MB of bonus and once i finish off the first month i can then buy another bundle for $10?? What i want to find out is if i top up my data bundles, will the old data bundle expire after a month?? Would appreciate the clarification on this

Thank you

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First important fact is this is not a contract meaning you can do as you please month after month. You only need to take note of the fact that, what ever you do, bundles are only valid for 30 days.
its the bonus part of the bundle that is valid for 30 days.  The first part is valid for 60 days
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If you top up your expiration date will be calculated as a month from the most recent top-up date. The more you top up the more you push expiration dates ahead.
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i guess you have to recharge with more airtyme
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