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it's impossible. eTV now uses nagravision 3 and currently impossible to decrypt it using the WIZTECH decoders...Unless if something new on the parallel market comes out beyond my knowledge as of today.

Cheers & tough luck
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Its not impossible, its just difficult. U lookup nagra3 say on satellite p2p forums, download the software then upgrade your decoder via the RS323 port
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Well as we all know E-tv is now encrypting using nagra 3 so here are the only 3 ways at which you can get Etv and SABC back
NB: Let your money speak...

1) Buy a DSTV decoder in SA and register it in SA and you will get those at a reasonable price
2) Buy an MPEG 3 Decoder and liaise with a few tech Gurus for them to add the encryption key on to your decoder
3) If you have a computer buy an MPEG DVB card or external device  and install ProgDVB application and download its encryption keys

God Bless and Good Luck
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etv is no longer a free channel if u want it l think u shuld by a dstv and subscribe etv
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