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Are there any shops in Harare that supply proper pc cases? I'm looking for a solid, well designed mid tower with good cable management. The last one I got is so flimsy I have to hold it down when the dvd drive goes full speed!

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Gone are the days we used to order PC parts from well known and reputable distributors like 3D that used to stock for PC assemblers. Nowadays everybody and nobody is trying to do PC parts and to maximize on profits, they forget to look at quality. For most guys I know, especially gamers, they get their kits from down south where you still get consistent distributors. But of course this should not discourage you from doing some running around because many  times, you find there's that one guy with just one case, the one you may be looking for. Good luck
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Good points, l was once referred to a shop in eastgate complex when l was looking for usb extension. It was said to be the best in town and was suppose to have everything computers.

True to the words, the shop was packed with all sorts, and it looked my type. Bt l didnt find the extension.

Out of curiosity, l started asking questions about motherboards which were on display, the guy started to be jumpy, trying to read what was written on them to answer me.

I noticed it and chose a processor written quadcore, nothing else. I asked him whats a quadcore, who was the manufacturer and how does it compare with others.
Kwanzi "blaz munongozivawo zvinhu zvedu zvatinotenga kumachinese izvi...."

I told him they were embarrassing  and shouldnt call themselves a gamers shop.
Guess I'll stick to the case I got from Creative Computers for a while. It may be old enough to be in grade 4 and a bit plain looking but its rock solid and lived through 3 complete internal upgrades.
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