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Guys i am really sorry to keep on pestering you with my noob questions...however whats the...like main advantage of having a subdomain like anwers.techzim.co.zw... wont it confuse the visitors....and when visitors visit....will the hits for the subdomain be accounted for the main website or what?or its treated as a separate entity altogether... coz i wanna setup a subdomain for my site too and i was wondering if its a wise thing to do or not?....and one more thing....GURUs....if i host a website locallly as compared to someone who has hosted in say America or southafrica...does it necessarily follow that a locally hosted website is accessed faster than those hosted in foreign lands?

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Where you host your site(local or international) depends on your targeted audience. If the site is going to be accessed internationally, you want to put it somewhere it is easily accessible by everyone with minimal or zero down time. It should normally follow that if you need to target local visitors, then you should host locally but..... ISPs have not been very proactive in peering with each other to the extent that if you are on Powertel, you still go to Europe and back just to access a site hosted by say.... Telone hence an internationally hosted site become faster to access than a local one. Because local up time is still shaky, most ISP have resorted to being re-sellers of international hosting companies... We have to watch and see how Utande and Real Time cloud services are going deliver.

I support sub domains because in the end you can focus your precious energy on building a single brand which turns out to be more intuitive for your clients e.g ...m.google.com, mail.google.cm, news.google.com, maps.google.com

Good luck with your project
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Not a problem, thus why we have this section, bt dont expect all to be answered in one goal.

In simplest form, from a user position, lets say l want to find an answer quickly for something or a quick question, l can jus go straight to the subdomain without going thru the main one even though they can be on one server.

The other thing is about delegation of duty or authority. Lets say you have a company with offices in different regions or towns of Zim, each with its on admin and contacts, you can then give each admin control of the town domain.

For example, if techzim have in most towns, for Bulawayo it can hav bulawayo.techzim.co.zw.  So users there can contact and post using there own language without affecting the main domain which can retain use of english.

If our internet was fast and reliable, with no electrical cuts, then local hosting is the way to go.
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Ya the delegation part makes a lot of sense
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theres no technical reason to use or not use subdomains

in most cases its a matter of organisation, seperating specific aspects of a site is often cleaner within subdomains especially when different software

eg www.techzim.co.zw uses wordpress, answers.techzim.co.zw uses question2answer its better to have them as seperate subdomains purely because it makes the code easier to maintain and update.

the matter of confusion is really an old item now, in the old days, subdomains were often on separate physical servers (and can still be the case today) as long as you link correctly and clearly then there should be no confusion

Local hosting is not worthwhile at this moment in time (this will change as power and fibre links become more reliable) for most people hosting within the UK will be the best option as most ISP's generally end up routing through EU/UK even for local traffic!
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"will the hits for the subdomain be accounted for the main website or what?or its treated as a separate entity altogether"

if you are using cPanel, your site statistics are separately. techzim.co.zw will have its own and answers.techzim.co.zw also its own
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