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Is anyone else having problems with telone connectivity in Bulawayo. Can't connect to anything???

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Im having my "old good" slow speed in Harare. Are you sure its Telone?
Here are simple test to perform if you ar on Windows:

Go to command prompt and type "ip config /all"

Notice you ip address and make sure it doesnt start with 169.254......
It should say connected and  check your default gateway.

Ping your default gateway if you get a success respond, ping which is google.

If it fails do tracert and see where your packets ar dying ie where you start to get stars and verify if its Telone address.

You can post the ip address here and we can help if not sure.
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Please be specific.. Networking isnt an easy subject. !!!
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Where do you want me to be specific, all what l asking above is to make sure everything is clear before you pick up a fone and call telone
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I think I also have the same problem. I have a cellpipe 7130 moderm from telone, the data light is off while the power, link and ethernet ones are on. Its not connecting. Can anyone help?
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lf the cable from the splitter is properly connected and you have restarted the modem, then on that case its a problem which needs to be rectified by Telone because its there problem no doubt about it.
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telone on is affordable its very cheap
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maybe u should visit telone for assistance coz mine is very fast
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