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Who offers ethical hacking training in the country?

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7 Answers

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There are so Many Institutions that Teach Hacking in Zimbabwe , I wanted to hack my wife's whatsapp, I talked to Level IV Hackers ZW Guys and I was Helped immediately. I heard i heard they offer lessons too. The C.E.O is Teswa Kundai and You can Contact him on +263776068940.

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Thank you it worked for me
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It might not relevant but to be a good ethical hacker, you have to know your networking stuff very well as basic. This should give you a head start in vetting those claiming to be trainers!
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theres no such thing as "ethical hackers"

its just a term given for persons hired by companies to poke holes in there own security to find and fix them.

its a lucrative business but also very competitive and very much based on your previous track record (this is why US government hires prolific hackers - because they have proven they are good), if your just starting, i would recommend focusing on more "standard" career paths that are more likely to get you work in the long run.
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As a carrier its very difficult to just train and get hired. Those who ar good at hacking do it for passion not money. Like anthony said, you get hired thru your track record not qualifications most of the times jus like the current advisor on security for Obama. The guy was well known underground hacker and had a reputation.

Its fun to mention that l also thought l wanted to be a hacker soon after l finished a A+ course. So l responded and went to a college which l thought can train me.

The guys there were very nice and they took me thru paces to gauge my skills. I had none, thus how l started learning networking, security and voip.

Now lm very clear hacking is not my thing!!

Hopefully this will help
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I am keen to specialise in this area. I have done the CEH ethical hacking course, but feel there is more to it. Am looking for professional ethical hackers in the country.
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Zim to be honest is not mature for your profession! What l have seen happening is a combination of both pen testing, networking and consulting.

This is done throu like being hired to sort out network issues, whilst you are at it you test there security thru your skills and bundle all the charges together.

Companies which can afford you such platform are VARs which everyday work is never same.
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In Zimbabwe we are way behind when it comes to security. We have not yet fully implemented major IT mechanisms in our day to day business operations so Ethical hackers simple don't exist. Yu might train to be an "ethical hacker" but might never ever get the chance to prove your worth. We are still progressing as a nation, maybe some day soon we will get to the point where banks, government departments and other sectors realize the importance of IT and maintaining proper security channels but for now in Zimbabwe training to be an Ethical Hacker is like wanting to play handball when you don't have the hands!!
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check http://icdit.org/, once heard the guy saying that he'll be introducing CEH, but you can always get the nuggets and learn yourself then take the exam at a Prometric testing center--Trust Academy, ICDIT etc...
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Im the only Guy Guru in Zimbabwe who can hack Whatsapp... Cde Garwe
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Ndimi munovhiyiswa mbudzi padare imi. Looking over someone's shoulder and read their messages then run to tell you friends about the secret messages you hacked on whatsapp is not really hacking is it?
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