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Is there a once-off way of purchasing a domain name online & avoid having to pay http://www.namecheap.com/ $6.58 annually forever?

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you can't purchase a domain for ever, you can however with most providers renew for a very long time like 10 years which means you only pay once every 10 years which is probably a good compromise

bear in mind that your fee for 10 years will just be something like 10*$6.58 = $65.80
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You have to remember that ICANN requires you to pay an annual fee. You can however pay your domain registrar a large sum once so that they can make these payments annually without consulting you.
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The answer is NO.

The Governing body of Domain name is ICANN. And it has set up some rules regarding Domain name registration. And as per that a domain name should not be sold, instead the domain name can be owned for a maximum of 10 years and later on it has to be renewed in order to own it. You can register domains at ICANN accredited domain registrars and from domain resellers. At this site: http://www.9cubehosting.com/cheap_domains/  you can register domains for 10yrs. After 10yrs you can renew it.
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