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Is there a fancy gadget tht can be used to connect a SATA harddrive to an IDE laptop? (besides using an external connector)

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Im not sure what you are trying to achieve by doing that. Do you want to replace your internal ide harddisk with a sata harddrive to install your OS bcoz as far as l kno l have yet  to see a laptop which takes 2 internal disk.

Bt you can still get ide to sata cables which you can fiddle around with and maybe get it working inside to laptop provided you hav enough space.
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I wanted to completely replace the IDE Harddrive with a SATA one. I tried the cables thing, but the space just isnt enough...
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if it was a desktop it would work but because its a laptop they are designed to maximise there space usage which makes adapters impossible to use
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There is absolutely no way because there is not enough space in your laptop to fit an adapter without leaving it looking clumsy. Like MacD says, you could get a [sic]cable/adapter provided there is enough space inside your laptop.
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