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thanks to the info from my father added insight thank you so much, may be useful for us all
please aprove mister.
 http://rentalmobil.web.id +

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i dunno about there hosting... i found the domain process ok but they still got the nameservers wrong on order and support was slow to deal with the issue. hosting might be better but i have't yet tried it
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I don't heard about that host provider.
If you need to know that hosting provider,you should look lot of reviews through Google.Personally i use http://www.9cubehosting.com/  Here i hosted my website.They provided good technical support.I like their services.
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Im not sure abt tht 1 bt im using http://webs.com
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I would like to ask you to "try" us and you will be amazed by our service.

Just $4/m for 1GB hosting
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your website is a mess, some of the formatting is not right - i cant find out where your servers are located and more actual info about the company itself, the prices on your website don't even match up with the prices on your order forms....

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Hi Anthonysomerset. Which browser are you using to visit our site? We have had some people complaining when using IE8 and we working on that.

About the prices, you will notice we are South African based, though Zimbabwean owned, so our prices are usually in Rands. You can however still order in US dollars but the default is ZAR.

For more info about our company, please visit www.mega24.co.zw/about.htm

We have 3 server locations. South Africa (Midrand), Netherlands and United States.

For more info you can drop us an email on support@mega24.co.za or call me directly on +27 78 559 4637
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- does this comment have something to do with the fact that you also run a company offering similar services? http://www.somersettechsolutions.co.uk/

I wonder!
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I'm using Chrome on mac

RE Rand/USD - i noticed that and switched the price back to USD and the numbers looked silly - $87 for a quarter for the 1GB hosting - does not equal $4 per month thats for sure

I might offer "similar" services but i'm not advertising them here, and besides i'm not even competing with you on service offerings ;) i generally deal with clients (mostly e-commerce) that need there own servers/clusters /clouds setup
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That's switching problem is a bug within WHMCS (www.whmcs.com). We upgraded recently and that's where we picked the bug. Its was logged and they promised a solution "soon".

Thanks for letting me know about the Chrome Mac, we will test it and build a fix.
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np - i'd recommend including the server location info on your site, its useful stuff.

i dont personally rate WHMCS its always been bulky and bloated from my experience and there previous security issues have been an eye opener for me, i prefer hostbill for that matter as its a bit leaner and simpler to get going.

ps thanks for researching and advertising my website i hadn't even linked it here so i assume that i rank reasonably in google
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I will discuss your recommendation with my partner. Thanks.

RE: WHMCS, i have to agree with you 100%, it sucks big time and their support is now crap. Since the upgrade we have logged 5 issues and only 1 "resolved". I am currently looking at alternatives.

You Google rank is good, very good!
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