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My card is Mobile Intel(R) 915GM/910GML Express chipset family.
The install wizard is saying: It is possible your graphics drivers may need to be updated, please updated them & try installing again.
Wherever I check, I can't find anything useful.
For now my machine is working on it's generic driver. So I was thinking that maybe there is a way to tweak it somehow.

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5 Answers

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I used to use Bluestacks but later switched to youwave (http://youwave.com/),  
..bluestacks was a bit heavy for my machine....
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you wave is not free
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You need to find the actual required graphics driver for your device. i had the same problem when i was using the windows 8 generic driver until i downloaded my AMD 6300 HD Graphics Driver.
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Bluestacks is  really picky when it comes to Graphics Cards and drivers. Even with the proper drivers Bluestacks will not install on your machine.
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Had same issue rolled back tried it again and it worked flawless
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The latest bluestacks 0.7 is selective when it comes to graphic cards. I also use the 915GM and cant find updatee.Here is what I did and it worked

1) Download Bluestacks here http://mediafire.com/?9c5dakxwoi3m6zp or http://mediafire.com/?f55g5wtbrnzqfj6.

2) After installing wait for the update notice and update to 0.7. goodluck
hope this is helpful
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