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I used to be a jailbreak advocate, actually the code name ic0n1c came from jailbreaking. The last device I owned that I jailbreaked was an iPhone 3GS and I basically jailbreaked to get pirated apps... Which was wrong really. So when I was introduced to a service called freemyapps (http://www.techzim.co.zw/2012/12/heres-how-to-get-amazon-and-itunes-gift-cards-for-free/ ) which allowed me to get free gift cards I set on a mission to redeem my self and get paid apps so that I don't jailbreak again. That was way back in 2010. Fast forward 3 years I have an iPhone 5, I don't jailbreak, I pay for whatever app I want and I am cool with it.

So in short, I am saying the only reason to jailbreak is to get apps and to pirate which is morally wrong and for an idevice user you should be able to just get gift cards or link your MasterCard/visa account and download legit apps.
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Four years and I have only used one jail-broken device 3GSpeed, the reason being to unlock it and be able to use our local service provider. besides that i have always been using free apps on it. if you ask i would say there are too many Apps on the free-apps tab to go for than to get custom apps from unauthorized vendors. And as ic0n1c has put it across pirating or dealing with pirated software is wrong
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if you are a tech fanatic. jailbreaking isnt always about getting pad apps for free. its also about being able to get closer to your IOS device and understanding how it operates. @ Ico1nic is that really true that you are using a clean iphone...?? if that is so you are the real Icon!!!!!!!
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