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in Mobile by Expert (16.4k points)
What apps have helped you be more productive with your smart phone in your line of work? Iphone or Android

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5 Answers

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by Expert (19.6k points)
Email Client
Google Calender
Google Talk
Google Keep (Note Taking)
Terminal emulator
Remote desktop Client
Acrobat Reader

and sometimes
Skype & Photoshop Touch
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by Guru (88.1k points)

Wifi analyser
Ultra tools mobile
Chrome google search.
by Expert (16.4k points)
Never knew about UtraTools. Man thats an awesome app. I'm looking for something lighter to replace my juiceSSH.
+1 vote
by Guru (30.2k points)

Good Reader
by Expert (16.4k points)
Good Reader is a great app indeed
+1 vote
by Expert (16.4k points)

Gesture search-- reduce clicks to any application
Google Calendar
Kingsoft Office
Keeper -  I have to remember plenty passwords
Schedule Planner
by Expert (16.4k points)
Not forgetting Cardcam; a great and easy way to add contacts buy scanning business cards using your phone camera.
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by Guru (31.2k points)
it has to be Google drive.. imagine forgettin your project and home but because you have saved it on Google Drive you can retrieve it anywhere.... Shazaam is also top of the list. imagine you in a Kombi and you hear that classic song that you have always wanted... just Shazaam it,,,,,,,, i could go on and o and on.... every app has its supre great function.... imagine viber on your android, facetime on iphone...etc......
by Expert (16.4k points)
But what is it that makes sense for you in all this? What apps complete your phone to complement your daily goal targeting? This info helps others in different fields try out and discover a few more things beyound Whatsapp.
by Guru (88.1k points)
Thus true Chris! At our company, we are hosting a senior exec from US with a potential $18 million contract to give us. He was given a office at the far end of the office where wireless signal is not good(nobody knew) and the manager for that was off.

My director came panicking because the exec wanted to hold a webex meeting.

Wireless Analyser to the rescue. I did a quick wireless survey and chose a spot then reroute the access point, since its poe it was easy.
by Expert (16.4k points)
Every tech should have this and stop playing guess with channels. I must admit I'd never used a similar app often having to relay on airview from ubiquity.... a bulky solution compared to this
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