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Lets say the CIA or whatever r someone is trying to track youusing your IP and you use the network of a large organisation and using dynamic IP adresses?

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if you connect to a server, in 99% of cases, the operator of that server can get your IP, it doesnt matter if your IP is dynamic or static or not

ISP's will have logs of who was connected when and with what IP - they need this data for billing (particularly where billing is by MB/GB)

so its possible to marry the 2 pieces of information if you have the means to do so - eg a legal body with the neccesary court orders to find out your home address who you are etc

its generally difficult for organisations to get this information, in most countries ISP's wont even give this information out unless they have a court injuction legally requiring them to hand over such information

in Zim the law is a bit different and i don't know how thats different specifically but its safe to say any government law enforcement agency with enough knowledge and will power can track you to the exact location you were in when you connected and get your personal address.

Dont be too alarmed by that - this has been possible pretty much since the internet began.

you can use things like anonymous proxies to work around that issue but your having to trust that the proxy server doesnt log your connection to it and any other personal detail (and that its reputable and isnt trying to hack your details for other shady gains)
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The question on IP tracking and so on caught my attention?
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since u said e CIA then thyl track ryt down 2 ur toilet even if u use proxy hides etc etc ur footprint 2 a gud techwiz is alwyz crystal clear no matter the jumps u tke if they rily wana catch u they can.my advice wtever u tryna do dnt do it hahaha.
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The CIA or police can track even the exact location of any IP address with the help of Internet Service Provider under court orders. A common person can only find the basic geographical location and the ISP details of an IP address through any IP lookup site like http://www.ip-details.com/ Nothing else much can be done.
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