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what is its funcation? what happen if it turn onn and off?

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3 Answers

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its basically an internet powered messaging service, think of it like SMS but without the SMS charges

you can send multimedia as well and do group conversations and it all goes over the data network and you can often send/recieve more whatsapp messages than it costs to send 1 SMS
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seriously?looool, i honestly think this a troll, just like the HOW CAN I TUR OFF MY CAPS LOCK ON YAHOO...hahah

anways its apopular app that allows smartphone users to chat for free like SMS. Bu the only difference is free, or very cheap since it uses your internet conexion to send the free messages, that can also include video and pics and audio. sadly u cant turn it off unless u are using some third party apps which also depends on the platform u are running, for more infor just google search how does whatsapp work...
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to clarify its not for free - you still have data charges of some kind
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So how do I get this Whatsapp on my phone?
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it is an internet powered sms platform but it allows you to send messages in the audio or video form to selected friends online, it is compatible with most smart phones and other nokia standard phones,
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