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So like take me for example, i use internet connection at my university, needless to say there are over 2000 students who connect to the university wifi. Can my ISP(the university ISP) pinpoint who i am exactly? like my real name and so on, or say when one is using internet at work, can they do that and how?

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it depends how your university lets you connect to the internet

chances are you will be using a proxy so you will all share an ip or set of IP's between all 2000+ students.

it would be unlikely that the Universities ISP could find our your personal information unless you unwittingly give it to them, however its likely that the university proxy relays information about the connecting IP to the other servers (specifically the HTTP X-Forwarded-For Header) which would allow an ISP to ask for such information of the University - however its unlikely that a university would hand over such information and it would generally have to be a criminal matter (that means laws must have been broken or there be court orders demanding the info be handed over)

its impossible to reveal a persons name/contact details just from an IP alone (unless the IP is registered/assigned to you) , it requires marrying server logs with connection logs from the ISP/University which is not easy to do unless you own/operate both ends as it requires cooperation of all parties which most ISP's will not cooperate unless theres a legal requirement to do so (because they are contractually required to protect the rights of there users to semi-private internet browsing/usage - and if they didnt do that, then no one would use them)

I Guess to summarise - anything is possible its just a matter of how easy it is to do -

I have to ask the question why are you worried about this?
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wow, you knw your stuff man, well once in a while we have done torrents or been a little mischievous on the net, just wanted to knw whether its possible for someone to track you down if it ever comes to that!
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they would have to be pretty motivated to get you (which given the RIAA history in the US is generally very)

FYI you should check your Uni access policies - you are more than likely breaking them by torrenting and/or downloading material in an illegal manner (ie not paying for copyrighted content/piracy) - not specifically condoning it one way or another but you should check what your Uni Policy says as it could affect you if they themselves caught you
in a University network, students use user/password to access the network. It will be pretty stupid for the university to allow anyone to have access to their network.
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You cannot find the real name of a person  by using an IP address.
By using it you can find only ISP(Internet Service Provider),IP location,country,latitude,longitude etc..from http://www.ip-details.com/ .
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Not scare anybody else bt they can if they want to. It all depends with management software they are using and the technical know how of the network admins.

I know a Uni where they use a very smart management software  whereby students are given username and  password and they can track your usage.

If you ar choking there network with torrents then they send you a warning and if you ignore it they will rate limit your speed.
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