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after installing windows server 2008 R2 on my pc, i downloaded and installed QLogic_5.00.0009 but I cant connect to the internet..which is the best LAN adapter to use on a desktop running windows server 2008 R2, 64 bit, 4Gb RAM, 3.10 GHz Processor

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Is it just the internet or can you access your LAN say pinging your gateway? If not, have you checked with your hardware manager to make sure drivers have installed with no errors. If you can access your LAN then you need to check your firewall settings
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why are you running windows server on a desktop machine in the first place? its not really designed for desktop usage.

as for best lan adaptor to use on a windows server machine, Intel NIC's are the most reliable for driver support

you could use a realtek based card but its just going to steal resources from your CPU, but tends to be the cheapest and most readily available - i dont recommend this for server usage though, fine for a desktop tower that isn't doing a massive amount network wise (and by massive amount i mean trying to push huge files around at 1gbps speeds)

did you install the correct drivers for your NIC and is it detected in the first place?
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