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How best can i get word out about my Zim website?  I hope this doesn't come across as insulting my fellow countrymen but it has occured to me that the average zimbabwean thinks the internet is only facebook and email and google for only searching "facebook login". So like i launched my site last week, and in the one week , i heve netted 416 users, i am not happy with that, i need more, i need  like+70% of all Zimbabweans to be on that thing, how best can i do it? what free tips ca you give me friends?

the site has a mobile view, and people can also register via facebook, what more can i do?

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site registration and mobile friendly is only half the battle, you have to get the word about your site out there

first of all whats the website link? whats it about

nothing beats correct PR, posting links to facebook, popular discussion sites (for Zim users), adverts on places like techzim

then you need to make sure you have done all the good things that makes search engines like google happy, correct accurate descriptions, descriptive titles and clean urls. good quality and good amounts of content etc etc

i do question whether even 70% of all zimbabweans have full access to internet though? can someone confirm if this is the case or are you meaning 70% of all zimbabweans who are on the internet?
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i meant 70 percent of the zimbabwean internet population which i believe is between 1.5 to 2 million.

The link of the website is www.yoanswers.co.zw
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your header logo doesnt load for me - and what makes it different from answers.techzim.co.zw?

EDIT - i see now, not strictly tech questions - some of them are eye openers thats for sure!

NOTE OF CAUTION - be very careful about allowing questions and answers that explain how to do things illegally (eg recommending torrent sites etc) because thats why torrent sites are being shutdown - not because they fact they are not hosting pirate content but because they are facilitating piracy
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thanx for the eye opener and heads up!, no the difference is more than that....i want it to be more or less like yahoo answers but with a zimbabwean flavour, restricted to zimbabwe, in a way u cld say i tweaked the yahoo concept!! so what do you suggest?like i should delete such questions or rather close them so people dont answer it? I guess it becomes a trade off now since i wanted it to be a site where any zimbo can ask anything from the community!
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nothing wrong with the idea

well you should delete obvious spam straight up as well as duplicates

you will need to define your rules of what is acceptable and then close them and explain why you close specific items - this will help improve quality of your content and thus improve chances of better google ranks

bear in mind "restricted to zimbabwe" obviously doesn't prevent external users (non zim based) accessing

i'd love to tell you success comes overnight (especially with google) but unfortunately things take time, especially google - google will give priority to older content/sites because they are seen to have more of an authority on particular subjects and because your a brand new site you will need to start from scratch with google and it takes time for rankings to appear

you should also setup google webmaster tools and make sure you have your site submitted to google for crawling

you should also enable clean url's properly - see how a.techzim.co.zw does it in the url!
Will reiterate what anthonysomerset has already said. A few answers link to pirated material and even advises people to download paid Android apps for free(BlackMart). Keep things clean and legal, you can still become popular without greasing your hands.

Another important thing is to encourage true answers. Good content helps your SEO & reputation. There's a lie in one of the answers (also from the Admin) that Encarta was stopped due to Wikipedia litigation.

Google is free you know. Verify!
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Thanks for the heads up and constructive criticism, i really appreciate. I will rectify it.
Dude i see no difference either btwn techzim and yo site. M no techy,but its more like hameno kuti munozviti chii,but  jst like this space here we are commenting on. lol
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you are no techie?i guess that explains it then....anways for your own information, the difference between techzim and yoanswers is that techzimanswers is a subdomain of the main website techzim, and it specialises with tech questions, while my site isnt a subdomain, its the main site and has its own subdomains as well so unlike techzim answers it encompasses all areas of life, tech, social , business, relationships, food , whatever.
i think thats the major difference. How you fail to see that puzzles me.

perhaps u are referring to the aesthetic side of things(appearance and theme). that, well, both techzim and yoanswers are running on an open source Content Management System called Question2Answer, thats why the structure and layout is more or less the same. Even if we were not using the same CMS, i dont think its illegal if there is a site you admire(yes i admire and love techzim) and you copy the layout or certain characteristics that appeal to you, webdesigners/webdevelopers do that all the time and like to hide under code re-usability even if its joomla, lol....

why anonymous, why dont you use your real name so i can give you more info?

for more info, look under the bottom of each page on either techzim or yoanswers, you wil notice there is Powered by Question2Answer   Theme adapted from Snow Theme by Q2A Market
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Nice try bro you may try to shake up with service providers so that they can advertise your website through sms's also your link can be automatically installed on opera browsers just like telecel and econet did. Post your link to most visited sites
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Do lots and lots of SEO works. But remember to have a good updated content in your website. Never stop your SEO works. Concentrate on all fields of SEO equally. At the same time try with some automated SEO works. This could boost up your results with a better margin. An SEO tool could assist well in such case. For example a Search Engine Visibility Tool is available at http://www.tucktail.com/search-engine/seo-services.aspx?ci=1787&prog_id=447401 . This tool does a lot of automated SEO steps.
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offering freebies never fails,at least in the short term
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sharing on social networks & communities.
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u can broadcast yo site on Zimbabwean tv or radio station if u feel e cost are to high u can  create a page on facebook which will contain your information
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